Source – Debut Solo Album Coming Winter 2022

Whilst the reason for having more time was unfortunate, the Covid-19 pandemic gave room for James to explore his own playing, to write and to arrange. This initiated a creative burst leading to the birth of his debut solo project – Source. Inspired by a love of rivers and his recent move onto a boat, nature and the countryside, the name relates to the beginning, the source of river, the beginning of James’ solo career.

The album is a true representation of James’ style and passions and will reflect his huge respect for traditional music and his desire to pass it on. It will consist of predominantly English tunes, along with a few original and contemporary pieces and will be arranged and performed by James (melodeon) alongside some of his friends and favourite musicians – James Delarre (fiddle), Tom Kitching (fiddle) and Danny Tonks (guitar).

Source will be recorded in November 2022, in James’ own world class recording studio located in Margate, Kent. The project is being self funded and produced and will be available for pre-order soon! As I am sure many of you understand, following the difficult time that independent musicians have faced recently, fronting the costs associated in creating a piece of work like this is not an easy task. The current total cost of the project is coming in at around £4000-£5000. If you are able, and would like to assist with these costs, James has a PayPal pool which you can use to do so. The link for this is below. James will also be launching Patreon account soon, where for various tiers of membership you can contribute in return for exclusive benefits. A range of merchandise will also be available shortly alongside the album orders.

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I have been an admirer of James’s melodeon playing since I first heard him in a pub session. He has developed his own style rooted in traditional morris but merged with modern techniques learnt from the likes of Andy Cutting.

Simon Dundas, Sandwich Folk and Ale Festival