Why Traditional Music?

Traditional music has survived the test of time (they wouldn’t call it ‘traditional’ otherwise!). It’s older than classical music, it’s easier to understand and it’s more fun to dance to! From it’s very beginning to the present day, traditional music has brought people together in a fun, low-stakes, inclusive way. In Scotland and Ireland, traditional music is still very much at the core of the culture, but here in England it’s taken more of a back seat – and once seemed in danger of getting lost completely!

At James Kerry Music, we’re backing the underdog and are keen to spearhead a British Folk revival! So you can rest assured you’re being taught by talented musicians who are passionate about their subject.

Traditional Music Workshops for School Groups

We offer traditional music workshops that can encompass a number of national curriculum objectives. We’ll come to your school or classroom and tailor the workshop to suit a history class, music room – or both! Plus, by incorporating traditional dance tuition, we can even bring something fun and interactive to your P.E. department. We look at instruments such as the melodeon, the tin whistle and the banjo, tracing the threads of traditional dancing and Morris dancing, through history, to contemporary barn dancing in order to help connect kids with their regional roots.

Our workshops are interesting, informative and inclusive. They’re particularly appealing to primary school groups, and we have more involved traditional music workshops for children in the key stages of secondary school (pre GCSE’s). We focus on English traditional music but can shift the focus to Scottish or Irish if required.

Traditional Music Workshops for Adults and Festivals

Adults enjoy our traditional music workshops as much as youngsters. Depending on the nature of your festival, we will create a workshop to focus on either; increasing breadth of musical ability; learning more about traditional music & dance history; or trying out Morris and barn dancing. We can design our workshops to be part of a festival’s Youth Programme or something that anyone can benefit from.

James Kerry Music ran the Youth Workshops for Broadstairs Folk Week in 2017 and we’re happy to host talks and workshops for other organisations such as Scouts, W.I. and church groups too – you name it! We’ll tailor each Traditional Music or Dance workshop to your requirements. So step on over to our enquiries form and make that keyboard sing!